The Transformers Special Event Series returned to the North Coast in November 2018. Held in Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour the theme was


137 service providers, ranging from primary health, social and community services, allied health and employment came together with university lecturers, students, local government and consumers to explore ways to plan, contribute and collaborate effectively.

Our aim for the series was to give service providers:

  • specific examples of alliance-based models
  • a base understanding of the structure, governance and workforce skill required of alliance-based contracts
  • confidence to try a more shared and cross-sector approach to service delivery
  • tools for overcoming constraints and barriers

Topics discussed at Transformers III included:

  • the rationale for working together
  • the growth and impact of alliances
  • lessons from the construction industry and accountable care organisations
  • managing alliances effectively and developing a ‘one team’ culture
  • defining, measuring and rewarding value
  • the North Coast landscape and where we currently stand on shared investment

Examples of successful alliances included:

Group work explored:

  • Services suitable for an alliance
  • What builds trust in an individual, organisation or team
  • Key challenges and issues faced by population cohorts when accessing care
  • Strategies for bringing cross-sector parties together
  • The role of future workforce

Photos from the event can be found on the Centre Facebook Page.


Dr Nick Goodwin, International Foundation Integrated Care

Viktoria Stein, Integrated Care Academy

Apostolos Tsiachristas, University of Oxford

Catherine Turner, Hunter New England Primary Health Network

Ally Dench, Wollondilly Council

Luke Arnold, South Western Sydney Primary Health Network

Julie Sturgess, North Coast Primary Health Network

Brett Skinner, Northern NSW Local Health District

Michael Gendy, NSW Health

Jane Gray Hunter New England Local Health District

Andrew Pedrazzini OAM, eHealth NSW

Steve Mann, North Coast Primary Health Network


The Growth & impact of Alliancing as a Means to Promote Value in Care Provision – Dr Nick Goodwin

Developing a One Team Culture: Managing Alliances Effectively – Dr Viktoria Stein

Transforming the Structure of Financial Incentives to Integrated Care – Dr Apostolos Tsiachristas

A Local Partnership to Achieve System Change – Hunter New England Integrated Care Alliance

3 Levels of Government Coming Together for Better Health & Wellbeing – Wollondilly Health Alliance

Delivering Bigger, Better, Faster and Consistent ICT Infrastructure – Andrew Pedrazzini OAM

Local Landscape – Northern NSW

Local Landscape – Mid North Coast


Commissioning and contracting for integrated care Kings Fund

Commissioning for better outcomes in mental health care

Language in Alliance Contracting

The evidence base for successful alliancing

Funds Pooling in Australia

Culture change realist view 2016

Exploring Payment Schemes Used to Promote Integrated Chronic Care in Europe


Organising for Teamwork in Healthcare: An Alternative to Team Training?

Alliance Contracting Case Study- Wastewater Treatment Plants Project.