What We’ve Been Up To

It’s not very often that an education provider gets a break from delivering education! A pause on organising face-to-face events, however, has allowed us to do just that. Here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve been up to during this downtime.


We’ve been evaluating impact

A flooded webinar space has given us the opportunity to step back and evaluate the impact of the Centre. Last month our Partners came together to discuss our current offerings, current engagement, and to plan for future activities. Let us take the opportunity to thank you for your support so far.

The Centre was first established in 2016 with the goal to spur innovation and integration in North Coast NSW. We recognised a need to bring scholars and researchers to the North Coast so that we could learn from and with each other, instead of travelling to metropolitan areas.

Since then we have held more than 30 face-to-face events, delivered a range of online webcasts, brought 64 scholars, researchers and subject matter experts to the North Coast, and we have received over 6,000 registrations from different members of health, social and community care networks, both locally and nationally. We have seen a number of great programs arise from Centre events and some great cross-sector relationships formed.

That tells us we’re on the right track!


We’ve been planning for an online future

We love a face-to-face event and the multidisciplinary interactions they support. COVID-19, however, has taught us that many people prefer to learn online.

The Centre is not new to online education (check out our online webcasts), but we do see a need to improve our offerings. We’re currently exploring some really exciting platforms that will allow us to deliver multi-day conferences right across our footprint, making high quality and interactive education accessible to all. We’re also working to make sure this online education recognises your continuous learning efforts.

Watch this space and take our education survey here.


We’ve been supporting clinical education

North Coast Primary Health Network has been undergoing some exciting changes and the team have now transitioned to Healthy North Coast. Check out the new website!

As part of this transition, a new workforce development program is being implemented. The Centre has been supporting the development of this and is helping to plan a range of events for Q1, including clinical society meetings, nurse networks, continued professional development (CPD) and cultural safety training. This has been a great opportunity to strengthen the Centre’s relationship with local GPs, nurses and allied health professionals and better understand the learning needs of clinicians.

Find out more about learning and educating with Healthy North Coast here.


The last few months sure have been interesting, and like you we’ve needed to adapt. Moving forward we will continue to aim to generate and provoke new thinking, inspire momentum, enable change, support and deepen relationships across sectors, and most importantly, deliver positive results for all who call North Coast NSW home.

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