Gravity Challenge – Where Space Technology Meets Healthcare

The Australian space industry has gained an impressive profile and is building momentum nationally and globally. Satellite imagery allows us to monitor the spread of diseases, health vegetation, climate change, atmosphere changes and pollution concentration.

In addition, the pharma industry can benefit from manufacturing experiments off-Earth.

GRAVITY Challenge is a chance for corporates, entrepreneurs and universities to get involved in the Australian space industry, designing and building solutions to real industry, social and environmental problems.

GRAVITY Challenge is a six-week program exploring new uses for space data. This includes earth observation data, positioning data and other forms of space data across many important sectors, including health and life sciences.

Program opportunities include:

  • insights on key challenges facing your organisation
  • access to a broad network of innovators from the Australian space industry
  • opportunities to collaborate with other organisations with similar challenges

To participate you will need to provide:

  • a challenge description
  • a good communicator who can help brief GRAVITY challenge participants on your challenge and give context to the problem and expectations
  • support to participants who have questions or who are seeking guidance

If you would like to provide a health or social care challenge to GRAVITY Challengers, email by 10 September 2019.

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