Revisiting Aboriginal Wellbeing


This event will take a strength-based approach to revisiting Aboriginal wellbeing on the North Coast.


  • Reset the agenda to ensure it is Indigenous-led
  • Understand the strengths and opportunities that lie within the region
  • Discover what others are doing well
  • Gain insight into how to move forward in the future
  • Ensure that the knowledge and expertise of the Aboriginal communities guide every health decision at every level
  • Strengthen the relationship between Government, non-Government and the broader Aboriginal community


  • Our region’s strengths
  • Our region’s opportunities
  • What others are doing well
  • Strategies for building capabilities
  • Designing within partnership funding parameters
  • Collective inquiry and participatory action research
  • Relationship building between mainstream health services and Indigenous-specific health services
  • Existing gaps in data and how these might be addressed in future


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