Revisiting Aboriginal Wellbeing Planning Day


The Revisiting Aboriginal Wellbeing Planning Day was held at the Yarrawarra Cultural Centre on 26 March 2019.

The half-day session was split into three parts:

  1. Consultation by Campfire (identify regions strengths and challenges)
  2. Cloudbusting (identifying areas open to improvement)
  3. Action Parties (identify how the Centre can support this improvement)

The day was broken up with five signposts from Dr Mark Lock

  1. Close the Gap Refresh
  2. NAIDOC 2019
  3. OCHRE Aboriginal Regional Alliances
  4. Accreditation for Safety & Quality
  5. Aboriginal Cultural Voice Guides Solutions

The planning day was an opportunity to hear from services working with Indigenous communities to better understand regional strengths and challenges. Siloed funding, unclear governance, the impact of trauma and cultural awareness were key areas identified.

The Centre will continue to work with these services to drive a conference series with the aim of improving Aboriginal wellbeing on the North Coast. Please email if you would like to be part of the steering committee.


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