Consumer Enablement Evidence Check

This evidence check is part of a model development process in which the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) in NSW is looking to develop a framework that outlines the range of strategies that can be employed to optimally enable consumer participation in the management of their healthcare and ongoing treatment decisions.

The Framework will describe interventions that would be most suitable for specific cohorts, depending on the consumers’ levels of activation and degree of medical complexity, allowing health services to tailor the method, approach or strategy needed, to individual consumer needs. The end goal is to help consumers to become active managers of their own health and health care, to remain in good health and to avoid hospitalisations.

The guiding questions are:

 What is the evidence regarding the determinants of consumer enablement in the chronic disease population and what implication does this have?

 What tools and instruments have been shown to be valid and reliable and clinically useful, for which groups, in measuring the drivers and components of consumer enablement?

 What does the evidence show in relation to specific interventions that support self-management for chronic disease and enhance enablement of the consumer?

 What implications arise regarding the identification of the support needs and strategies to support individuals with varying degrees of complexity and enablement?

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