What to Expect from Webcast 1: A Framework for Social Determinants

On Monday 3 June we kick off our Social Determinants of Health Webcast Series with Webcast 1: A Framework for Social Determinants of Health. If you haven’t registered yet it’s not too late – register your email now and take part in real time discussions and Q&As. If you can’t make the live webcast, register your email and we’ll send you a link to the watch-on-demand video file. Here’s what you can expect from Webcast 1…

Webcast 1

With questions such as: “what do we mean by social determinants of health and why do they matter?” panelists will unpack cause and effect, how we move beyond research, ways to build allies and connections and structural factors that drive better health outcomes. It will form a baseline for future discussions and help create a shared language of social determinants across Australia.

Filmed from a state-of-the-art studio in Sydney, you’ll be able to click on the ‘raise your hand’ button to ask a question, view slides and download resources as they’re discussed, provide feedback and refer back to the video file whenever you need it. Join from your desktop, boardroom, laptop or home computer – anywhere you have internet.

Did we mention it’s free to register?

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This webcast is facilitated by Tessa Boyd-Caine, CEO of Health Justice Australia and delivered in partnership with Social Futures. Your panelists are:

Professor Fran Baum

Distinguished Professor of Public Health and Director of the Southgate Institute of Health

Lyn Morgain

Chief Executive of cohealth and interim Chair of the Social Determinants of Health Alliance

Jenny Caspersonn

Manager Chronic Care Network Agency for Clinical Innovation


Michele Laurie

Services Manager, headspace- Social Futures



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