New Maternity and Neonatal Safety Program for NSW

The CEC is in the process of establishing a Maternity and Neonatal Safety Program. The program will work in partnership with Ministry of Health, the Agency for Clinical Innovation, HETI, local health services, clinicians and consumers to strengthen and align safety and quality functions and activities associated with Maternity and Neonatal care. 

The first two statewide improvement projects to support women, their families and clinicians are the Perinatal Safety Education and NSW Safer Baby Bundle. 

Perinatal Safety Education

Perinatal Safety Education is the new name given to the former Fetal welfare, Obstetric emergencies and Neonatal resuscitation Training (FONT) Program, which underwent a major review in 2019. From 2020, Perinatal Safety Education will see significant changes to the program and delivery of training.

The new education has been designed with a focus on improving the recognition, response to, and management of the deteriorating fetus and the deteriorating woman. Within Perinatal Safety Education there will be dual pathways of Fetal Safety Education and Maternal Safety Education. The Perinatal Safety Education program features increased recognition of mothers and babies/fetuses as individuals including incorporating the ‘whole’ picture in assessments and improving situational awareness while incorporating Human Factors into learning to facilitate implementation into practice.

A Community of Practice is being hosted by the CEC to bring together instructors and facilitate learning and support. An online platform is being developed in SharePoint.

The new education has been approved by the NSW Mandatory Training Standards Committee. The approved learning pathways include online components with annual face to face training and knowledge assessment.

The new program has an overall reduction in hours of learning.

The Fetal Safety Education learning pathway is now available, with the Maternal Safety Education pathway planned for release in September. The online components for the Perinatal Safety Education program will be hosted in My Health Learning with face to face learning materials and key supporting resources hosted on the CEC website.

For further information and enquiries regarding the redesign of FONT, contact Maria Crilley.

Safer Baby Bundle

The Safer Baby Bundle aims to reduce the number of preventable stillbirths after 28 weeks gestation, by 20% by 2023. The Safer Baby Bundle has five evidence-based elements that emphasise the importance of best practice care. Reinforcing the five elements of the Bundle by providing women with midwifery continuity of care, has the potential to strengthen the Bundle’s impact and reduce the rate of stillbirth.

The Safer Baby Bundle elements are:


  • Reducing smoking in pregnancy
  • Improving detection and management of fetal growth restriction (FGR)
  • Improving awareness and management of decreased fetal movements (DFM)
  • Improving awareness of maternal side sleeping
  • Improving decision making around timing of birth for women with risk factors


The CEC is supporting Local Health Districts to use Improvement Science to embed the Bundle into existing practices, monitor process and performance measures and help women enhance their pregnancy outcome.

Contact Dr Christine Marsh, Improvement Lead Maternal and Neonatal for further information.






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