National Pain Services Directory Makes It Easier to Find Treatment

A new interactive directory, available now via the Painaustralia website, will help people with chronic pain to find quality services in their area. More than 200 specialist pain services have been mapped across Australia, enabling better access to pain management for the 3.24 million Australians living with chronic and persistent pain conditions. 

National Pain Services Directory

Pain underpins much of the burden of disease across the chronic disease spectrum, especially in areas like mental health, depression and suicide. It’s a complex condition that cuts across the silos of health and extends well beyond into other sectors of society.

In 2018, $12.2 billion was spent on health care services associated with chronic pain in Australia. Governments paid $7.9 billion, or 66.7 percent, and Australians living with chronic pain paid $2.7 billion, or 22.1 percent of the total amount, in out‑of‑pocket costs. Many rely solely on opioids and other medications that bear their own costs. 

“This directory provides a much needed, easy to navigate way for those in pain to find pain specialists and clinics across Australia,” said Painaustralia chief executive Carol Bennett. “This greatly increasing awareness and access to better treatment options as supported by the National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management.”

An escalating issue

Chronic pain is an escalating health issue and carries a significant economic burden, both for affected individuals and the national health system. We know that providing good support to people at the earliest possible stage of their chronic pain journey is one of the keys to achieving better outcomes and saving on costs. 

But good support can be hard to find.  It can be very difficult for people to navigate complex health systems and to know which services provide quality and evidence-informed care. Painaustralia’s new National Pain Services Directory is a start towards shortening the journey of many people as they seek out treatment that will work for them.

Access the National Pain Services Directory here or contact Painaustralia on 02 6232 5588.


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