Health Justice 2019

Health Justice Australia, a knowledge partner of the Centre, invites you to register for Health Justice 2019. Over two activity-packed days (September 24 & 25) you’ll hear from local and international speakers and take part in presentations, systems mapping exercises, co-design, workshops and more.

If you see the broader context of people’s lives affecting the health outcomes they can achieve and you are grappling with complexity and interested in accessing a broader range of expertise to address it, then Health Justice 2019 is for you.


About the program

Health Justice 2019 is a highly engaging program that will bring together everyone working at the intersections of health, legal and social need: practitioners, researchers, policy-makers, funders and community members; across disciplines, services, systems and communities.

Sessions of particular interest to health professionals and people working in the health system include:

  • Donnella Mills, Acting Chair of the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, on the role of Aboriginal community controlled services and advocating nationally to improve health and justice for her community
  • Robert Fitzgerald, recently appointed NSW Ageing and Disability Commissioner, on the role of institutional power and the critical work to promote health as a value and an outcome, particularly for people who are vulnerable to poor health
  • Putting patients, consumers and communities at the heart of service design, delivery and system change
  • New and evolving models of integrated care and emerging approaches to health service coordination and collaboration
  • The role of the social determinants in shaping health equity
  • Measuring outcomes of multidisciplinary and collaborative service models in health settings

Across the conference you will hear from people directly affected by these issues and the practitioners and services supporting them.

Registration includes access to highly targeted workshops building capability in:

  • Organisational wellbeing and resilience strategies to look after our people and support practitioner wellbeing
  • Partnering efforts that make a difference
  • Telling the stories about what we do and why it matters, including unique insights into the impact of framing health promotion from a social justice perspective
  • How service organisations can share power with their clients.

Visit the conference website to see the full program and register here:

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