Reimagining Our Economy: Measuring What Matters

Learn how to collaborate with government and industry to uphold the commitments outlined in Australia’s first wellbeing framework.

This webinar will explore how the healthcare workforce can collaborate with government and industry partners in 2024 to uphold the commitments outlined in Australia’s first wellbeing framework – Measuring What Matters. It engages Dr Katherine Trebeck, a respected political economist, writer and advocate who has long been working to change how people and policymakers think about and shape the economy. Key discussion points include:

  • The effectiveness of Australia’s first wellbeing framework, Measuring What Matters in aligning economic policies with broader societal well-being goals.
  • How to use the framework as a blueprint and integrate economic activities into healthcare practice to promote societal welfare, including factors such as health, education, social cohesion, environmental sustainability, and equitable resource distribution, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of individuals and communities.
  • Insights into policies and approaches employed by countries like New Zealand, Scotland, and Finland to prioritise the well-being of people and the planet in economic decision-making.
  • The importance of integrating the diverse perspectives of First Nations people and non-Indigenous Australians into healthcare delivery, policy formulation, and research and policy development processes to foster a sustainable and equitable economy aligned with broader societal well-being goals

Goal of webinar:

  1. Foster dialogue leading to actionable strategies for advancing wellbeing economy frameworks in communities, empowering participants to advocate for change.
  2. Catalyse discussions among policymakers to integrate wellbeing metrics into economic decision-making, driving tangible commitments for a more inclusive and sustainable economy.
  3. Support a broader movement towards reimagining the economy, with participants becoming ambassadors who spread awareness and mobilise support across diverse sectors, accelerating the transition towards holistic wellbeing.


Dr Katherine Trebeck

Katherine is a political economist, writer and advocate for economic system change. Her roles include writer-at-large at the University of Edinburgh, Economic Change Lead at The Next Economy, and Strategic Advisor to the Centre for Policy Development. She co-founded the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) and also WEAll Scotland, its Scottish hub, and she instigated the group of Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo) – comprising Scotland, New Zealand, Finland, Wales, Iceland, and Canada. She is a thinker-in-residence at the Australian National University’s Planetary Health Hot House, a New Economics Senior Fellow at the ZOE Institute, and a Fellow of The Post Growth Institute. Katherine has over eight years’ experience in various roles with Oxfam GB, where she developed Oxfam’s Humankind Index.

Monika Wheeler, CEO Healthy North Coast

As Chief Executive, Monika is driving health system improvements to support primary health care access, healthy ageing, mental health, population health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. Monika played a key leadership role in supporting response efforts over the last three years to fires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monika has nearly 20 years’ experience leading social policy strategy and health service delivery and holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Sydney. She has worked at the local, state, national and international levels in government and not-for-profit organisations.



Georgina Bruinsma – Senior Manager Aboriginal Leadership and Engagement, Social Futures

Georgina is a proud Yaegl woman and has a passion for using her business knowledge and skills to bring better outcomes for North Coast communities. In her role at Social Futures she has been responsible for the oversight of organisation change and growth. Having worked within Aboriginal program delivery since 2007 in Lismore and across the North Coast, Georgina has been pivotal in strengthening relationships for building on the service provision to allow a holistic approach to the clients access the service.

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