Evening Exchange: Exploring Healthcare Opportunities – Insights from Denmark and Australia

Join us for an an online evening featuring three captivating 40-minute conversations with Hans Erik Henrikson, each led by a different facilitator. A 20-minute break between sessions will allow for reflection and a stretch of the legs. Through each conversation, Hans will unravel the intricacies of Denmark’s healthcare reform and its implications for the global healthcare landscape while highlighting Australian case studies to celebrate local transformations in healthcare.

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Conversation 1: Denmark’s Healthcare Transformation

6pm – 7pm

Gain insight into Denmark’s transformational health reform and the strategies employed to successfully shift care delivery from hospitals to primary healthcare, municipalities, and outpatient clinics. Learn how Denmark has redefined healthcare delivery to prioritise preventive care, enhance accessibility, and improve patient outcomes, alongside exploration of initiatives in Australia.

Conversation 2: Digitalisation for Supporting Home Treatment

7:15pm – 7:50pm

Delve into the innovative digital solutions driving Denmark’s home treatment initiatives, including services like Sundhed.dk, Medicinkortet, Sundhedsjournalen, and Min læge. Explore the role of technology in empowering patients, streamlining communication, and improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery, with reflections on Australian digital healthcare advancements.

Conversation 3: Advancing Elderly Care

8:00pm – 8:40pm

Discover Denmark’s approach to advancing elderly care to improve the quality of life for senior citizens and support healthcare professionals in delivering comprehensive care, rehabilitation, and prevention services. Gain insights into the initiatives shaping elderly care policies and practices, and the opportunities for innovation and collaboration, with comparisons to Australian initiatives.


8:40pm – 9:00pm


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About Hans Erik Henriksen

Hans Erik Henriksen is CEO of Epital Health. Epital Health delivers patient centered digital health solutions and services which help society and healthcare authorities manage chronic patients to improve their quality of life. Until 2021, Hans Erik Henriksen was CEO of Healthcare DENMARK. Healthcare DENMARK is a public-private partnership organisation, with a national mandate to promote Danish healthcare solutions and competencies abroad. He has a solid healthcare background from different executive positions during the latest 20 years including being responsible for IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences in the Northern and Eastern part of Europe.

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