Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

We sit on the cusp of an extraordinary new age of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Can you say you’re ready for it? Explore what’s happening in this exciting new field at the Centre’s second annual Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare symposium.

When: Saturday 21 September 2019
Where: Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in healthcare, sparking ongoing debate about ethical, clinical and financial pros and cons. Complex algorithms will soon help clinicians make incredibly accurate determinations about health from large amounts of information, premised on largely unexplainable correlations in that data. This future might be alarming to some, but it’s a future we must prepare for.

Join us and:

  • Meet a range of AI disrupters and enablers and gain valuable insight into their work
  • Identify where AI is most disruptive and where it can make the most impact
  • Explore current uses of AI as well as its possibilities
  • Consider ethical and responsible AI when deploying systems for clinical purposes
  • Separate the hype from what’s really happening in the field

Topics include:

  • Transforming healthcare delivery in 2019
  • Investment and market growth
  • Ethical principles for the use of AI in medicine
  • Social Robots – are we ready?
  • Big data and social media analysis
  • Synthetic chemists and AI vaccine design









Here’s what attendees had to say about last year’s symposium…


Loved the diverse range of speakers and audience. I made some great connections and I feel more comfortable about the use of AI in healthcare. Here’s to a not-so-scary future!


Fact from fiction, hype vs reality. It was great to hear what’s really happening in Australia and how we can be advocates for tech in clinical decision support.


I wasn’t sure about giving up a Saturday but it was well worth it. A very enlightening experience in a state-of-the-art venue. I enjoyed networking with like-minded people.


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